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Family Portraits - Have fun dreaming up a portrait that reflects your family's character. Draw inspiration from favourite passtimes, hobbies and passions. Since the perfect photo rarely exists, simply provide a variety of images of the people, scenery, pets and so on, and we can discuss the scene you'd like to capture. Oil painting of Valery Personal Portraits - You know the great feeling of seeing a photo of yourself that you actually like. Now imagine seeing a stunning oil on canvas capturing you exactly the way you want to be seen. Maybe it's hung over your mantel. What a wonderful heirloom to pass down for children and grandkids to remember you by.
Portrait of HorsePet Portraits - Dogs, Cats, Horses... if you have precious memories of your treasured pets that you never caught on camera, let me recreate one for you. Working from any reference you have, and your recollections, I can even put you in the picture to create a rich interpretation that will touch your heart every single day. Oil portrait of man at mt KilimanjiroScenic Portraits - A significant place, special moment in time, memory of a special holiday, recreational adventure, moment of glory, childhood homeland. Capture it forever with a vivid oil painting, watercolour or pastel portrait hung above your mantelpiece or gracing the wall of a favoured room in your home.
Oil Painting of the Stanier Duchess TrainTransport Portraits - Trains, Planes, Automobiles and Ships for the collector with a passion for big boy toys, this artist is passionate about painting them. A member of the Guild of Railway Artists, I have spent a lifetime paintings trains as well as indulging in my fascination for anything with wheels, wings, sails and anchors. Cutty SarkHistorical Portraits - For a passionate veteran or hobbyist collector, we can create a paintedportrait of an historic icon or momentous event from anywhere and anytime in history. Imagine the joy you can bring to someone dear with a gift like none other - a time worn and faded story brought to life in an artistic masterpiece.